One-on-One Therapy

SARC is committed to helping survivors regain their strength and independence. It can be a hard decision whether or not to go to therapy, but receiving help and support can speed up the recovery process. It can take a lot of strength and courage to ask for help from a therapist, and it can be helpful to know what to expect before you even go to your first appointment.

Therapy lets you build a trusting and safe relationship where you can share your thoughts and feelings. It can help empower you to take more control in your life and move towards realistic personal goals. Therapy can be very healing when you feel listened to and your feelings are validated.

SARC offers access to specialized sexual assault/abuse therapy services. Please contact us to learn more.

SARC: 403-548-2717


SARC has developed many group options to increase support options for survivors of sexual violence.You will not be asked to share your story. Instead, we will help you build skills for you to use every day.

Healing House is a weekly psycho-ed group for youth who have experienced sexual trauma. Healing House empowers youth in the recovery process, by offering weekly therapeutic group sessions. 

Sexual Trauma And Recovery (STAR) is a safe space for women 18+ who have experienced sexual trauma. STAR empowers women in the recovery process, by offering weekly therapeutic group sessions. 

The Courage Group is a group for men who have, or are, experiencing addiction and have been impacted by sexual trauma.  

Positive Affirmation Through Healing (PATH) is a safe space for those who are 18+ who have experienced sexual trauma to build confidence and further develop skills learned through STAR and one-on-one therapy. 

"I'm so thankful I have this group to go to. I feel totally safe & there is no judgment. I've learned so many skills that have helped me grow personally & skills I can use in everyday life in all circumstances. I look forward to attending group." - PATH group member

"Everyone is so uplifting and supportive. I find the facilitators are kind, welcoming, and always full of knowledge to pass on. It's been such a good thing for me in helping me learn skills to help move into a positive future." - STAR group member

Please call 403-548-2717 to learn more or enquire about joining one of these groups.